Windows updating hack

He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.In fact, Microsoft is still continuing to develop updates, although not strictly for Windows XP.

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The extended support for Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 systems ends on April 9th, 2019 which means that you can use the trick to get another five years of security patches for XP.If you open the Sebijk site, you will also find instructions on how to get this to work on 64-bit Windows XP systems.It involves running a batch file that replaces original update files with temporary ones that bypass the restrictions set in place.You also run the risk of bricking your console, and it’s not like you’re going to be able to just buy a new one if that happens.“This is an early version of the exploit, so it's quite a few steps and a reasonably complicated process which is likely to become a bit easier in the coming few weeks,” You Tube user Skullator wrote.

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