Vray unhandled exception updating

RENDER: Entering Open() RENDER: Starting sequence timer.

VRAY : 23 render instances, 5 scene lights VRAY : Setting up lights for render instances VRAY : Sending Render Begin().

VRAY : SDTree takes 11200540 bytes (10,7 MBytes) VRAY : SDTree2 takes 0 bytes (0,0 MBytes) VRAY : Tree building: 1,0 s VRAY : Setting up camera sampler.

SYSMSG: SDTree statistics: SYSMSG: Total number of faces stored: 134116 SYSMSG: Max tree depth: 29 SYSMSG: Average tree depth: 18,5454 SYSMSG: Number of tree nodes: 29367 SYSMSG: Number of tree faces: 350314 SYSMSG: Number of tree leafs: 14684 SYSMSG: Average faces/leaf: 23,8569 VRAY : Bulding displacement raycast accelerator. GIMAP : Irradiance sample size is 100 bytes VRAY : Irradiance map building: 0,0 s VRAY : begin Frame() done.

VRAY : Scene setup: 3,1 s VRAY : Building raytrace accelerator VRAY : Compiling render instances geometry.

VRAY : Sending Load Map Files() to environment map. SYSMSG: Allocating memory for build data of 134116 faces (3755248 bytes, 3,6 MB).

RENDER: Total frame time: 101,4 s RENDER: Render() done.

RENDER: Total sequence time: 26,9 s RENDER: Enabling scene redraw and autobackup. RENDER: ================================ RENDER: Entering Open() RENDER: Starting sequence timer. The geometry is not present in the 3ds Max scene and does not take any resources.This allows the rendering of scenes with many millions of triangles - more than 3ds Max itself can handle. SYSMSG: Setting up 1 thread(s) SYSMSG: Creating threads SYSMSG: Thread 5a8 created SYSMSG: Waiting for threads to finish. VRAY : Region rendering: 22,6 s VRAY : Total static raycasts: 1830841 VRAY : end Frame() done RENDER: Updating irradinace map info. RENDER: Entering Close() RENDER: Calling end Sequence().

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