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Jean Froissart (c.1337 - c.1405) was one of the most important of the chroniclers of medieval France.

For centuries, Froissart's Chronicles have been recognized as the chief expression of the chivalric revival of the 14th century Kingdom of England and France.

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Total words = 586 Originally, a league was the distance a person could walk in 1 hour, usually about 3 miles.

Poe used some fairly obscure words that you may not be familiar with.

Because of this, I have created the following list of words and phrases.

It is an amusing work that relates the ludicrous adventures of one Lucius, a virile young man who is obsessed with magic.

His enthusiasm leads to his accidental transformation into an ass. The character Shahrazad narrates a set of fairy tales to the King Shahriyar, leaving him in suspense each night to prevent him from executing her.

It is a remarkable work, containing 62 stories, 990 chapters, and 60,000 rhyming couplets, making it more than seven times the length of Homer's Iliad.

Some of the tales Shahrazad spins were later translated into familiar stories like, "Aladdin's Lamp", "Sinbad the Sailor", and "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves".

Read More Wells in which the water is under pressure and flows to the surface naturally.

Arts of the toilet referred to the skills used to apply makeup and groom the hair.

From the French toilette cloth on which items used for grooming are placed.

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