Online dating interviews

Social psychologists have identified a set of influences on first impressions.

The first of the first impressions is known as the "halo effect." The first thing you learn about someone influences everything else you learn about that person.

You can be given an identical list of adjectives describing someone if one list starts with "charming" and the other with "moody," everything else that follows will be colored by that first word.

Your friend sends you an email about her cousin who is moving to your city.

You don't have to be deceitful about your political preferences, but there's no need to jump to conclusions on the basis of an incorrect notion about someone else's beliefs.

The term "impression management" has a deceitful ring about it.

Online dating, online job applications, job interviews, and meetings with important people put pressure on us to look as favorable as possible so that we can get the desired outcome. To achieve our desired goals, we need to learn the best ways to make those judgements work in our favor.

Often, these judgements occur in a fraction of a second.

First impressions can also be influenced by the second phenomenon, known as "assumed similarity bias." The term is pretty self-explanatory.Specifically, people we care about-such as potential employers and romantic partners?An entire literature on "impression management" is built on the premise that it is in our power to control the way others perceive us in these crunch situations.You meet someone for the first time and make the assumption, correct or incorrect, that the person shares some of your characteristics, qualities, or beliefs.You and another person are waiting for an elevator.

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