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If you have a project to begin or an idea to develop, the timing couldn't be better.Shift away from any old, limiting ideas and move forward. "A strange lonely figure stares out of the past where engraved by an artist in stone Held firm by the sand in which he is cast, these last thousand years quite alone.Kokopelli’s flute is said to be heard in the spring’s breeze, while bringing warmth.It is also said that he was the source of human conception.It is also said that the hunch on his back depicted the sacks of seeds and songs he carried.Legend also has it that the flute playing also symbolized the transition of winter to spring.He also bears a nickname - "Casanova of the Cliff Dwellers", a tribute to his image and legend.

Planting seeds for the future takes effort on your part, so now is the time to use your skill and resources to make use of the magic.His arms are usually represented as a "V" shape with his elbows pointing down toward the Earth.His forward leg is usually represented as a continuation of the curved line which outlines his hump.Known as a fertility god, prankster, healer and story teller, Kokopelli has been a source of wonder throughout the country for centuries.Kokopelli embodies the true American Southwest, and dates back over 3,000 years ago, when the first petroglyphs were carved.

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