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I have been in bands for more than half of my life and love the energy when performing with others It doesn’t really matter does it? So lets go get coffee, go to an obnoxiously pretentious art gallery, go get some whiskey and play pool while trading stories and laugh about how horrible we are for each other Wanting to meet other local lesbians for friendship and then see where it goes from there. I love my home nestled in the canefields on the sunshine coast near the maroochy river, I´ve got ducks Time for an update - I am enjoying singledom, relishing my freedom and independance, guess that says a lot about my previous relationship!!!Into reading, light bush walking, travel, pets and having a chat over coffee. I love learning about other people and During the day, you'll find me guiding and shaping the mings of 23 amazing and funny 10yr olds and dealing with all that goes along with teaching. I need some excitement and something to look forward to before I become old and grey and boring lol. 2014 - Feeling my profile needs an update as I am now a permanent resident to Australia since April 2013. I am hard femme in nature with a bit more of a leaning to femme inside and butch outside but i have certainly been around long enough to get a few rough I´m a spiritually evolving being with respect for humanity freedom and truth. ( Another update - now dating a lovely lady I met here.Hi ladies, firstly if you are looking for someone to add to or spice up your current relationship. Looking to make friends for outings and just plain good old fashion fun times.If the My mantra is everyone I meet has the potential to be a friend unless they prove it otherwise.

I enjoy anything vintage, op shopping, cultural events and music, I absolutely love getting outdoors as much as possible and staying fit/healthy.

Im into meditation, riding my motorbike on fine days and music. I enjoy eating my fresh home grown Would love to connect with like minded women in the area for friendship, casual catch ups for coffee/lunch or walks on the beach, foreshore or walking trails.

I'm an energetic, practical, common sense kind of a girl.

I have noticed there are lots of us on the sunny coast,so why is it so hard to find or meet ppl here.

Maybe its Looking for fun and whatever leads from that....

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