Jean claude van damme dating history

To the film's credit - even to a loyal fan - it was still a shock to the system, with its rather depressing depiction of one man trapped inside the notion of celebrity, while destined to make the same kind of movie ad infinitum for the rest of his career.

Back in the golden era of action cinema, otherwise known as the 80s, muscular heroes dominated the big screen and absolutely flooded the burgeoning straight-to-video market.

The drunk dance scene in the bar is still one the best moments in cinema - splits to impress the ladies, cracking tune ( also takes the action movie training montage to new heights by filling an entire third with fight training, which is like sheer crack to someone like me.

Eighties training montages were a vital part of my youth, to the point that even now I get a little over excited if one appears in a modern movie.

Thankfully, the fight doesn’t damage Eric’s glorious permed mullet and moustache combo, so don’t fret too much.

It has to be said that it’s bad luck to be Jean-Claude Van Damme’s brother, unless of course you’re Jean-Claude Van Damme playing your own brother, as chances are that bad things will happen to you – hell, even his friends have a habit of dying.

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