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'There's a lot of different elements that go into handbag construction - something I didn't actually learn about at university so I sort of had to give myself a crash course in the different things you need to remember when designing a bag; how you use it, how you hold it, pressure points and tension points.' After researching salmon skin as a material, she found that the process of producing the salmon leather in Iceland was eco-friendly and lent itself to being a fashion item without the harsh environmental consequence.Speaking to The Register about why she loved working with salmon, the designer said she was initially drawn to the 'texture and multiple finishes that were available'.'But once I did some research and discovered the sustainable properties and unique tanning process I felt really inspired,' she added.'Salmon leather is more expensive as it is a smaller product to produce, the strength and durability surpasses that of a regular hide because of the cross fibre structure,' she said.'The tannery in Iceland who produce the salmon skins for Nordik are among the best in world, with numerous awards and recognitions for being a leading enterprise in the development of fish leather.'They hot press the foil onto the salmon leather, some of it's done by hand as well over in Iceland.'The designer's fledgling business only launched two weeks ago and she said preparing for it had been a steep learning curve.

The UK also represents a secure, low risk destination for investment with excellent infrastructure across grid power, road and rail.

But rather than creating a collection purely out of traditional leather, the young entrepreneur had another idea.

Her brand, Nordik, uses salmon skin sourced from throughout Scandinavia to create a distinct look.

Environmental issues impact your daily life, and Love To Know Green Living is here to help you combat the challenges when it comes to saving energy and keeping your carbon footprint in check.

Whether you are looking for details about alternative energy sources, tips on how to live a low-impact lifestyle, facts about recycling, or advice from green living experts, you're sure to find a wealth of resources that can help you accomplish your goals.

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