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Employment Tribunals in Northern Ireland are still called Industrial Tribunals.Workers and Freelancers have more limited circumstances to make a claim – we detail these below.[Updated for 2017 – Tribunal fees were declared unlawful on 26th July 2017.Tribunal Rules changed from 29th July 2013.]Employees can take a claim to an ET for any of the reasons listed below.Concerns have been raised about the effect of the new system – employers who have lost or settled claims will find that information is easily available for anyone to see, and database searches could become part of some employers’ and recruiters recruitment and screening processes…..Employers are warned against using the database for this in case they risk claims for compensation because of discrimination, victimisation, whistle-blowing or black-listing.

Between 29 th July 2013 to 26 th July 2017 workers and employees had to pay a fee to take a case to Tribunal.

Certain assets were assessed for remission purposes and this included any redundancy pay or pay in lieu of notice an employee has received from their dismissal.

A claimant could apply for remission of the whole or part of the fee.

Complaints to Acas can be made online, by post or telephone.

The complainant only has to tell Acas their name and address and that of the prospective respondent (normally the employer), no details of the complaint have to be given.

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