Dating fl fort lauderdale speed

Preservation Process It was a toss up to leave it as is, or restore it to its current pristine condition.

As, after 45 years of well-maintained use, even the best of cars accumulates some minor bumps and bruises.

*** The attractive1972 only, Ferarri-esque egg crate style grill was painted its correct gray and black with bright silver face.

*** Tail lamp assembly with chrome grid covering is original and in great condition.

The body was painstakingly wet sanded between coats with increasingly fine grit and polished.

Applied just like the factory did to prevent water infiltration.

The bumpers, exterior trim, motor, exhaust manifolds, exhaust, grill, lights, doors, trunk lid, spoiler, hood, lower front and rear valences, carpet, headliner, and interior trim were all disassembled.

Ensuring every nook and cranny is now painted flawlessly from top to bottom.

All trunk floor access holes filled with original OEM black plastic access caps.

*** This car is so original it even still has the very hard to find Original AMC Trunk Mat in as new condition.

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